Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CAMPAIGN LEADING CHANGE: When creating inclusion initiatives based on data, we have to consider the human experiences of those who we hope will benefit, according to Mediabrands’ global chief cultural officer Hermon Ghermay. For a good portion of her 21-year career in the advertising industry, Hermon Ghermay says she shrunk herself to fit into a

In the second edition of our series exploring how to celebrate Pride authentically and with compassion, Initiative Australia’s Olivia Warren shares a personal account of her work on LGBTQIA+ campaigns—and which brand she will never buy from again. LGBTQIA+ acceptance and rights vary wildly between markets in Asia-Pacific, the starkness of which is thrown into

After having a right size structure, Mediabrands Malaysia is actively scouting for talents, including those with disabilities, to have a holistic and diverse talent pool. Besides looking for new talents as replacements, the agency’s CEO Bala Pomaleh (pic) said another crucial aspect is for talents to step into newly created roles to meet the expanding

Become part of the solution, not part of the problem, says Melissa Fein. Here’s what she has done to try and level-up inequality since becoming CEO at Initiative. “I had to resign clients that had antiquated gender practices, such as not letting me present without a man accompanying me… as recently as 2019!” — Melissa Fein

It would have been very easy for Initiative to cancel its internship program this year – many of the media agency’s competitors did just that as COVID-19 began to take a toll. But instead, the ‘Iso Internship’ was born, an online alternative to the business’ face-to-face program. Mumbrella’s Brittney Rigby speaks to people and culture

“Hire more women.” “Hire more Black and Brown people.” “Take an ad out at NYC Pride.” Some organizations follow a haphazard checklist for diversity then wonder why their efforts produced no tangible results – goals aren’t met, projects are stagnant and the halls look the same as ever. That’s because true diversity reflects meaningful change,