A steadfast leader spearheading the agency’s transformation amid the pandemic, Pan not only knows how to unlock business successes and enhance operational efficiencies, but also garner true appreciation from her team. In her capacity as a key C-suite member, Sherry Pan leads the Magna, Transformation, Investment, and Orion teams at Mediabrands China—overseeing crucial aspects such

The Magna and TikTok research revealed the choice to watch ads creates a more lasting impression. Giving audiences more control through skippable ads increased purchase intent by 15% for FMCG and positively impacted recommendation by +8%, a recent study on TikTok has found. The findings from Magna, the investment and intelligence arm of IPG Mediabrands, in

Meeting of the Minds returns in 2024, showcasing diverse perspectives, thoughts and opinions from an experienced expert and industry rookie. This week’s Meeting of the Minds sees Gerry Bowness and Kaitlin Wiley from Mediahub reveal their leadership heroes, current streaming binge and career goals. Read more on Mediaweek.

Every day, consumers are bombarded with thousands of advertisements, messages, and notifications. As a result, they have become extremely discerning about what they pay attention to and for how long. Brands are now competing fiercely to capture every precious second of people’s mind space. They are tasked with carefully planning marketing campaigns that inspire purchase