Kate O’Loughlin: The Carnival World Cruise: brand titanic… or life raft?

February 14, 2024 | Share this article

Obsessed’ is a monthly deep dive into social and cultural trends that can help marketers inform the way they think. Led by Kate O’Loughlin, Initiative strategist and self-confessed obsessive, ‘Obsessed’ will be a magic school bus to expand marketing mindsets and help brands remain relevant amongst an ever-changing cultural landscape.

This month I’ve been obsessed with the Royal Carribean Ultimate World Cruise content circulating my social media feed…But what even is the Royal Caribbean Ultimate World Cruise (other than uh, a cruise) and why are there over 5 hours of content across 30+  TikTok accounts?

Let’s take a tour of the ship…

The Ultimate World Cruise is pretty much what it says on the tin… a world cruise stopping at 60 different countries, visiting 11-world wonders, all over a 9-month period.

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