Reprise Launches Global E-Commerce Unit, Reprise Commerce

November 2, 2020 | Share this article

Reprise, the global performance marketing agency of IPG Mediabrands, has launched Reprise Commerce, a specialty eCommerce unit.

Reprise Commerce will combine Reprise’s traditional e-commerce media capabilities with the in-depth retail expertise it has been adding over the past year. The new unit will provide clients with a holistic approach to eCommerce, extending beyond marketing into supply chain and operations, by creating strategies and activations with customer experience as a centerpiece.

Reprise Commerce designs and executes customer-centric strategies across all stages of the eCommerce journey, including eRetail, supply-chain & warehousing, Marketplaces, and D2C.

“We’ve gone on a real hiring spree,” said Reprise Global CEO Dimitri Maex. “We have recruited platform alumni such as Will Margaritis (ex-Amazon) and Ritika Gupta (ex-Lazada), eCommerce agency veterans Todd Bowman and Neilson Hall, who have worked at both retailers and agencies. With their teams now in place, Reprise Commerce is able to combine the in-depth retail expertise of a boutique eCommerce agency with the scale and integrated performance marketing capabilities of our global Reprise network.”

With over 250 eCommerce experts across the globe, the new unit will continue to drive Reprise’s well-established excellence in the eCommerce space, providing the best solutions for its roster of global clients.

“This means our clients get the best of both worlds and no longer have to treat eCommerce as a separate silo. It also means we can optimize their e-commerce investments more effectively between eCommerce platforms and more holistically across the entire digital media spectrum.”

The launch of Reprise Commerce has come during a year of unparalleled changes to consumer behavior. The industry has witnessed a decade of growth in just a couple of months, despite retail sales declining 10.5% in the U.S. this year.

“eCommerce has clearly moved to center stage in many categories during this extraordinary time and this trend will endure,” said Mediabrands Global CEO, Daryl Lee. “There has never been a more important time to connect the eCommerce opportunity with the full power of clients’ media and marketing investments. Reprise Commerce has the breadth of expertise and experience to provide the very best solutions to our clients’ biggest eCommerce ambitions.”

As shoppers continue to purchase online and expand the types of purchases typically found in their digital shopping carts, it will be essential for brands to be present in the Customer Flow.

“The e-commerce ecosystem is extremely fragmented, and brands are asking for a connected point of view,” said Ritika Gupta, eCommerce director, APAC. “We’ve been onboarding retail expertise across the region. When you combine this retail capability with our 1000 strong performance media and content teams, powered by the strategic comms planning strength of UM and Initiative, we have a truly compelling solution to help brands grow their e-commerce revenues in APAC.”

Reprise Commerce will be at the heart of Reprise’s Flow proposition, playing an integral role in removing frictions in the customer experience, activating precision media to direct customer attention, and attracting engagement with relevant and dynamic content.

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