Relevance can help media and message cohere for brand repositioning

February 18, 2022 | Share this article

A judge for the Channel Integration category of the 2021 WARC Awards for Media, UM APAC’s Sharon Soh writes about how some of the winners successfully repositioned their brands by adopting comms planning approaches that prioritised relevance.

Technological advancements have brought about unprecedented change to society and the pandemic has pulled forward shifts in consumer behaviour by five or so years. While previous tech revolutions occurred over a millennium or centuries, innovations today happen in a matter of years, with more frequency and less predictability. Businesses now are grappling with disruptions that have far-reaching implications on strategy, new product development and organisational structure. Suffice to say, change is inevitable for many, and certainly for brands and marketers, a need to reposition the brand to remain relevant may be warranted.

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