Perspective – AI and retail media to dominate in 2024

November 13, 2023 | Share this article

What. A. Year! It’s clearly been a very demanding one and will continue to be for the foreseeable future. War and global insecurity, underpinned by the current cost of living pressures and rising inflation, alongside a looming recession facing Australians and the knock-on effect to our client’s businesses; one of the biggest tests I have faced professionally as a Media Agency CEO is looking to help our clients navigate this challenging landscape.

Talking of challenge, and in a year that included the Voice referendum, it seemed the industry had a moment of reflection post the ‘No’ result, contemplating the role that advertising, in particular the paid media elements had on educating Australians, and the overall effect on both sides of the vote and ultimately at the polls.  As an agency we are staying committed to change and progressing our RAP plan.  Earlier this year we went beyond our own internal RAP plan by actively corralling CMOs of the nation’s biggest brands by leading a cultural immersion in the heart of Uluru, ultimately furthering their education.  We remain devoted to investing time and effort to continue to take meaningful action here.

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