Initiative promotes niche audience publishers in the Forgotten Upfronts

September 14, 2021 | Share this article

The Forgotten Upfronts are open for the whole industry to attend and have been created to show off the opportunities that brands miss out on by ignoring Australian media outlets that don’t get the same fanfare as the major players.

The Forgotten Upfronts have been launched to help the industry better understand the opportunities that exist to reach new audiences, Initiative chief strategy officer, Chris Colter, said.

“I can’t tell you how many articles I’ve read over the years that cry for more inclusive planning, but the numbers show this isn’t translating into action.

“As an industry we can be so blinded by our biases, albeit unconscious, that we neglect to properly understand the opportunities that exist to reach new audiences, many with significant spending power and influence.”

Colter revealed that the event will take place twice a year. “It will be a bi-annual event that gives publishers who target neglected audiences a similar spotlight as major broadcasters to showcase the unique benefits, opportunities and solutions they provide.”

The Forgotten Upfronts will launch on 28 September, featuring publishers catering to a wide range of overlooked audiences; from NITV (First Nations), Boomtown (regional/rural), S&J (culturally and linguistically diverse), and Starts at 60 (+50’s).

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