Initiative including BPN Maintains Dominant Position on RECMA’s Latest Qualitative Evaluation For The Sixth Time

April 3, 2024 | Share this article

Initiative (including BPN) retains its position as the leading media agency in Malaysia on RECMA’s latest qualitative evaluation, being the only agency in the country to score a Dominant profile, and consecutively for six reports.

Initiative scored a total of 21 points on the report with a number one ranking overall, a clear 4 points ahead of the next placed agency.

Initiative scored 10 points for Vitality, with strong performance across competitive pitches, activity and client portfolio growth. The agency scored a further 11 points across Structure with strong performance across resources, big advertisers and local roots brands.

Darren Yuen, Chief Executive Officer of Initiative said, “We are thrilled to successfully maintain a good showing of a dominant position across these evaluations. This is a testament to our people who have consistently outperformed across pitches, consultancy and business innovation to drive business with purpose. This success is also attributed to our clients who have placed their utmost confidence in us to drive a collaborative and trusted partnership. To be credited in this report for successful engagements across big advertisers and local roots companies is further proof of our teams’ abilities to engage not only with major international brands but demonstrates a deep cultural understanding of the nuanced landscape that shapes Malaysian brands and consumers.”

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