Bayer Malaysia launches new digitally-led campaign together with Reprise for a healthy Ramadan

April 12, 2022 | Share this article

Immunity support brand Redoxon by Bayer Malaysia has launched a new campaign together with Reprise, the global performance marketing network under global advertising company IPG which aims to promote a healthy Ramadan.

This year’s Ramadan-themed film, titled “Kuatkan imuniti, rezeki Ramadan dinikmati,” is a Malay musical genre called Seloka which is commonly used in a witty way for the storytelling of folklore and traditions. The film emphasises the necessity of a robust immune system during the month of fasting in order to reap the benefits of Ramadan’s blessings. Lisa Surihani, Redoxon’s newly-appointed Brand Ambassador, is a well-known celebrity who is featured in the campaign.

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