Universal McCann shows its caring side by organising fundraiser

August 2, 2021 | Share this article

KUALA LUMPUR: As businesses continue to endure the challenges of the pandemic, there have also been many grassroot efforts carried out in support of local companies. Among such efforts is a fundraiser by Universal McCann (UM).

The media agency raised over RM62,000 in sales and donations through a series of virtual live-streaming events in support of 50 local businesses and SMEs. The event, held on July 22, was in conjunction with its annual global Impact Day,

“The theme of solidarity really spoke to us very deeply this year. There is a lot of hardship and suffering all over the country, and the hardest hit have really been our SMEs and local businesses, many of whom have dipped into their savings to stay afloat.

“Our team collectively came to this decision, selecting 50 businesses and social enterprises to support and help raise awareness amongst our friends, family and wider network,” said Audrey Chong, chief executive officer of UM, UM Studios and Ensemble Worldwide.

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