Starting A Start-Up

November 5, 0200 | Share this article

At age 57, after retiring for the second time, I got a call to start-up and lead Mediabrands in the Philippines.

The first time I retired, I thought I had done it all. I had spent a lifetime building brands, helping companies, using my expertise, my knowledge to help businesses, and the industry I belong to, grow. I have always thought that I also helped people grow. I retired happily with that knowledge, blessed to be given an opportunity to make a difference.

Starting start-ups is a young person’s game, and it gave me pause, but I took the challenge. I was not afraid because I have always told myself that everything can be learned, and I have always been a student of learning. More than a student of knowledge, I love learning. It calmed me to always tell myself a basic lesson. I will learn, unlearn and relearn. So, my life lesson 1 is also my start-up rule number 1.

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