Insights: IPG Mediabrands’ latest Media Responsibility Index proves top platforms have responded favorably to network’s media responsibility push

February 9, 2021 | Share this article

SINGAPORE – IPG Mediabrands today released its latest Media Responsibility Index, a quantitative report that strives to raise industry standards around brand safety and media responsibility in advertising. This latest Index, led by Mediabrands agency Reprise and based on a 2H 2020 assessment, found that top social platforms’ adherence to media responsibility has improved significantly across nearly all 10 Media  Responsibility Principles (MRPs), with platforms delivering an average lift of 11 percentage points across the assessment. The largest increases were seen in the agency network’s Promote Respect and Accountability principles, as well as many platforms improving their efforts to reduce Hate Speech and Misinformation/Disinformation. As further confirmation of the need for a common set of standards, the Mediabrands MRPs have officially been adopted by the 4As and the Index has been endorsed by the Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM), the leading global industry body on media responsibility governance.

“We created the Media Responsibility Index with the belief that social platforms would welcome our Index as a  helpful tool, rather than being perceived as another ranking. This current Index shows that the platforms heard our call to action and moved swiftly to work together to be better and contribute to a more positive future for advertising and our world,” said Elijah Harris, Global Head of Social, Mediabrands’ agency Reprise. “As an agency  partner to both platforms and brands, we have a unique opportunity to provide data and insights that empower the  larger industry to look out for one another when it comes to the communities a brand serves and the content they  see.”

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