Initiative China takes home a record-breaking 15 awards at Campaign China Digital Media Awards

April 28, 2023 | Share this article

Initiative China has emerged as one of the biggest winners at Campaign China’s Digital Media Awards 2023, bagging 1 Platinum Grand Prix, 5 Gold, 7 Silver, and 2 Bronze in one fell swoop!

The winning cases below:

LEGO: Celebrate the Joy of  Togetherness

  • Platinum Grand Prize
  • Gold Award x 3: Best Short Video Marketing, Consumer Goods/Consumer Services, Best Response Numbers
  • Silver Award x 3: Best Interactive Media, Best Social Media, Best Integrated Marketing

LEGO: Little Heroes’ Big Power!

  • Gold Award: Consumer Goods/Consumer Services
  • Silver Award x 2: Best Response Numbers, Best O2O Marketing

GM Ultium: Duration is not Everything

  • Gold Award: Transportation and Automobiles

MSD: Saving Lives in Social Tribes

  • Silver Award: Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
  • Bronze Award: Best Social Media

Wusu Beer: A Thousands Hardcore Miles

  • Silver Award: Alcoholic Beverages

Chongqing Beer: Brotherhood Awakening in Chongqing

  • Bronze Award: Alcoholic Beverages


See the full list of winners here.