e4m & Lodestar UM podcast: Does all of GenZ have the same mindsets and buying behaviour?

April 4, 2023 | Share this article

About the series

e4m collaborates with Lodestar UM, one of India’s leading media agencies and a part of the Mediabrands India network, to create “Generational Zeitgeist” – a six-part Podcast Series that peaks into Indian Gen Zers’ mindset.

Based on multiple sources of learning including a three-part pan India study with 1100+ GenZ respondents, Generational Zeitgeist podcast series covers a wide range of topics.

Each episode is a conversation between Aditi Mishra, CEO, Lodestar UM, and Kulanath Kaushik, one of the contributors to the study from Lodestar UM’s strategy team.

About the last episode

Aditi Mishra and Kulanath Kaushik sought to explore whether all GenZ have the same mindsets and buying behaviour and how do education, economic status, geography, sensitivity, and other personal traits make a difference in this regard?

Mishra says that although there are different ways to approach the GenZ mindset, they used a 2×2 segmentation to categorize them into four clusters based on sense of belonging vs individuality and pragmatic vs optimistic mindset. She describes them as:

Rooted Pliants (sense of belonging + optimistic)

Comfort Zoners (sense of belonging + pragmatic)

Balanced Trend-Seekers (self focused  + optimistic)

Sensitive Reserves (self focused + pragmatic)

Read more and listen in here.