Digital Health – APAC is Paving the Way for Digital Health Ecosystems

January 18, 2022 | Share this article

The pandemic has radically reshaped the supply and demand of healthcare services. The APAC region is in pole position to capitalize on the change, driven by shifting demographics, rising consumer expectations, technological innovation, and current supply constraints of nascent health infrastructures. Across the region, the transformation of healthcare is accelerating as delivery and management are being reimagined. –

The shift to online is driving much of this change; we are seeing consumer-centric digital health ecosystems forming at unprecedented speed and scale. Today, digital health impacts more than one billion people, and estimates show that digital health in APAC could collectively create up to $100 billion in value by 2025, up from $37 billion in 2020.

While these health ecosystems are enabled by digital, they are not purely digital, as they integrate both virtual and physical health services. Many notable examples are emerging in China, India, Indonesia, and other APAC markets. These ecosystems, together with a myriad of partners including brick-and-mortar providers, health-tech start-ups, and IT vendors, have become the driving force of a new wave of healthcare services.

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