Air Selangor Celebrates Deepavali with Animated Film via Reprise Digital Malaysia

October 23, 2021 | Share this article

Reprise Digital Malaysia and Air Selangor have released a fully animated film to commemorate the upcoming Deepavali celebrations.

Titled ‘Oru Deepavali Kaathal Kathai’ (A Deepavali Love Story), the film in flashback follows protagonist Balan as he searches for the girl of his dreams. As he goes on his quest, Balan witnesses the myriad ways in which Deepavali is celebrated and learns to understand the different meanings of Deepavali for all those within the community.

Thanendran Thanesvaran, Group Commercial Director & Head of Sports Marketing at Reprise Digital who also served as scriptwriter said: “The interesting thing we realised in this process is that different Indian communities have their own unique way of celebrating Deepavali, and each culture might not necessarily know much about another. While there is the romantic meet cute and motivations that follow as the central story, the backdrop really shows this idea of new experiences and togetherness.”

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