Play As A Lifestyle — APAC POV

April 3, 2019 | Share this article

By Sharon Soh (Head Of Strategy, UM APAC) and Grace Espinoza (Senior Strategist, UM APAC); with research contributions from UM China and Lodestar UM India

No play till you’re done studying! Until just a few years ago, parents in Asia would constantly be demanding their kids to study, as children in many Asian countries have a strict childhood focused more on early education than social development. Playtime with other children is often replaced with tutoring sessions, music lessons, and other structured activities to help advance them towards future academic success.

However, with many new theories on parenting styles and childhood education coming to light, the traditional “Asian Tiger Parent” — who puts their children under rigorous and stressful academic pressures — has been under scrutiny, resulting in a gradual shift in perspective towards play (and rest) being no less important.

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