New opportunities in emerging markets: media leaders gather

March 18, 2019 | Share this article

At a recent roundtable, leading media executives discussed overcoming fragmentation, investing in innovation, and spurring cultural change in the marketplace.

It’s no secret that Southeast Asia is a fast-changing landscape for advertisers. But consider this: 40 percent of the population of 659 million falls into the MACS category (middle-class and affluent consumers.) Over the next decade, that figure will grow to 64 percent. That’s 200 million more consumers with disposable income. Put another way, that’s a country the size of Brazil. It’s no wonder, then, that digital ad spend has skyrocketed from 6 percent of total spend to 24 percent since 2013.

While the market may be growing, it’s also becoming more complex. Consumers are young. They’re fragmented across devices. Targeting them is a challenge. Against this backdrop, 12 media leaders came together for a roundtable in Singapore on new opportunities in emerging markets to discuss the challenges they face today and in the future.

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