Getting your adtech strategy right for Southeast Asia

March 21, 2019 | Share this article

The Trade Desk’s Henry Shelley and Cadreon’s Yean Cheong talk about technology best practices, from advising clients to the build-or-buy decision.Agencies and brands must get their digital advertising technology houses in order took take advantage of the huge opportunity that is Southeast Asia, said The Trade Desk’s Southeast Asia general manager Henry Shelley.

In an interview with Yean Cheong at this year’s Campaign360 conference in Singapore, Cadreon’s APAC head, Shelley outlined the value proposition of the region: 659 million people, with 200 million more people set to join the middle classes over the next decade.”That’s the equivalent of a country the size of Brazil just rocking up, with a population all with disposable income,” he said.

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