Flexibility, short-term strategies key to plotting recovery from pandemic

June 2, 2020 | Share this article

CAMPAIGN CONNECT: Digital, performance marketing and ecommerce expected to see sharp uptake as companies focus on dealing with brands and consumers in flux.

Speakers at the inaugural session of Campaign Connect in Asia all agreed that the pandemic had made the old marketing playbook redundant. In a session on “an APAC view on lessons past and present,” panelists agreed that this wasn’t a regular blip in the market that would subside in a fixed length of time and result in a new normal.

As marketers devise a revival strategy, their path forward can be tricky, because consumers tend to be cynical of brands trying to piggyback on this crisis. “Consumers can become cynical and spot brands that trying to benefit from a crisis,” says Leigh Terry, CEO of IPG Mediabrands. “For brands, the timing is crucial, you should not be seen as capitalising on a crisis.”

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