Culture Shock: Initiative Australia on how brands should interact with mental health issues

August 14, 2019 | Share this article

Sam Geer, chief strategy officer at Initiative Australia, says this is the first report in a series to stimulate discussion and thought across the industry.Initiative Australia has launched an exploration of mental health and sport — Culture Shock — with marketers and the communications industry the main targets.

“At Initiative we relentlessly explore cultural trends and their impact on the communications landscape,” he says. “We are at a moment in our relatively young country’s evolution where our traditional values are being challenged, and creating cultural shockwaves.

“These waves impact the way people think, communicate and behave with significant impacts to our industry and business. It’s both fascinating and confronting to reflect on who we are as a nation and who we are becoming, but something we revel, and take great pride in, at Initiative.

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