The new boss of Interpublic’s media buying operation has claimed it can close the gap on larger agency rivals because “strategic capabilities” in data and technology now “get you to parity with the strongest players”. Daryl Lee, who was promoted to global chief executive of IPG Mediabrands in September, said the Interpublic media division’s recent

Joined by special guest Lin Liu, Chief Strategy Officer of UM China, Scott and Richard have a fun chat about how the trends in our 2019 annual Outlook report are playing out in China, the similarities we see in the unbundling of search and the rise of lifestyle brands, and the divergence in regards to

Outlook 2019: The APAC POV

March 7, 2019 | Share this article

By Sharon Soh (Head of Strategy, APAC, UM Worldwide) How the trends from our Outlook report are playing out across the diverse Asia-Pacific region Unintended Consequences In the West, privacy scandals, the spread of propaganda on social platforms, and a growing perception of monopolistic practices have turned public sentiment against the big four technology companies

B&T has partnered with UnLtd over the past few months to showcase some of the heroes in our industry – and their respective charity work. And now, meet Aiden Dabbagh! Aiden, 27, is a communications designer at Initiative Sydney – and thinks that everyone in adland should be doing some form of pro-bono work.

IPG Mediabrands launches first APAC media lab

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By July 2018, IPG Mediabrands will launch a media lab for clients in the APAC region. Announced today at an Outlook event in Singapore led by Chad Stoller, global chief innovation officer for UM, the media lab will focus on three areas: Intelligence, insights, and strategy, Partnerships and Connections and delivery.

You’re either totally sick of Pokémon GO at this point, or you’re planning out how to catch a Charizard. The augmented reality (AR) game has become a phenomenon in less than two weeks, more popular than Twitter and more engaging than Facebook. You either love it or hate it, and if you’re an advertiser, most likely you love it. The game offers several chances for hopping into the action and luring people to your location to catch Pokémon. Media people have suddenly become Pokémon advisors, and many admit it’s a fun change of direction, as well as a great stride forward for AR, which has held promise for years but never fully delivered. Adam Simon, Director of Strategy for The IPG Media Lab, talks to Media Life about advertising through Pokémon, the appeal of AR, and why Google Glass was no Pokémon.

A week ago, when Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt spoke at the Interactive Advertising Bureau programmatic event, I was interested in what she had to say on the science behind the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewability standards (available here). The IPG Media Lab partnered with Integral Ad Science and Cadreon to conduct the study, which had the

Kara Manatt, Vice President Consumer Research Strategy for IPG Media Lab, is in the epicenter of advertising receptivity research at the agency. Her department, which is the creative technology arm of IPG Mediabrands, conducted research for 74 brands globally, representing over 20 studies and covering 749,000-plus interviews. “I fell into research,” she confides. “It was