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With Ensemble and Initiative, the Malaysian telco takes a good stab at explaining something people generally don’t want to hear about. Telcos have a tough lot in life. No one wants to hear about—or even think about—the details of the network they’re using to access the internet. Your service either works to your satisfaction, or

Pretty awards all in a row

January 3, 2019 | Share this article

IPG Mediabrands scoops gold prizes one after another ONE after another. That seems to describe the awards that IPG Mediabrands Malaysia’s group agencies have been winning of late. The victory does not stop here. IPG Mediabrands’ full service global media agency Universal McCann (UM) this month bagged its latest accolade where it struck gold for

Creative agency Ensemble has created a VR-led test drive for Sime Darby Auto Connexion Ford in Malaysia which demonstrates how the safety features can save the lives of drivers and passengers. Called the Second Chance Test Drive, the activation promotes the Ford Ranger’s driver-assist technologies and takes audiences through an accident in slow motion. IPG-owned

Traveloka has teamed up with Ensemble Worldwide, IPG Mediabrands Malaysia’s creative agency to create a heart-warming video titled “Wander with Wonder”, for Chinese New Year. The film follows a young mother making an honest living as a taxi driver, while raising her young son despite all the challenges life brings forward. All the while she keeps a spark of wanderlust and shows her son the excitement of the world around us.

The campaign is currently running in Malaysia with a tagline that says, “This Chinese New Year, we would love for you to wander the world with someone who means the world to you.”

Ensemble Worldwide, UM Malaysia, DigitasLBi US and BBH UK are the three Grand Prix winners for their work for KFC and Whirlpool and at the first global WARC Awards, recognising next-generation marketing effectiveness.

Ensemble Worldwide, UM Malaysia are winners of the Effective Use of Content Strategy Grand Prix for their KFC campaign ‘Stealing a burger-march on McDonald’s using real-time data’ for which they employed programmatic technology to create and distribute content to millennials to launch its Hot and Cheezy burger in Malaysia.

Commenting, judge Charles Baker, Strategy Director, BBDO Hearts & Science, said: “McDonald’s is the king of burgers so for KFC to make something enduring that could be fun for kids is smart. This is all about building preference and repeat visits.”

Amit Sutha, managing director of Ensemble Worldwide and Universal McCann, follows three simple principles. Firstly, he stays calm in all situations, secondly focuses on innovation (because that’s the key to growth), and thirdly ensures that that every team members has been trained to replace his boss.

“We work in a rather frantic industry where things tend to get really heated. This is an industry where a calm head in crisis is pretty valuable. You have to be a leader that is there for the team. In good but especially at the tough times. As a leader you need to be that person your team can always turn to for solutions,” said Sutha.

Moving forward, he believes that being great at “business as usual” will allow agencies to sustain a P&L, but real growth will only happen through innovations and being ahead of the game.

His biggest KPI is to remain in the background, to aid and to push the people in the team in such a manner that they are good enough to take over my role.

“The reason is simple,” he said. “It’s only when someone takes over my job can I go ahead and do more and this thinking percolates to all levels.” he added. In a conversation with A+M, Sutha highlights his inspiration and his challenges while pursuing a dual role in the industry.

At the first Malaysian YouTube Ads Awards held recently, Maxis and IPG Mediabrands agencies Ensemble and Initiative had a landslide victory across a number of categories.

For the first time ever, Malaysian brands and agencies were celebrated for their outstanding ad creation on Malaysia’s most popular video platform, YouTube. The awards were not only judged on their average view time and view through rate, but also on a number of qualitative criteria including the emotional story, interactivity and conversational elements for the audience.

IPG Mediabrands agencies picked up a total of five of the nine wins on the day, and were finalists across a number of other categories.