Today, TubeMogul (TUBE), a leader in software for brand advertising, announced that marketers can now purchase linear television inventory through TubeMogul’s programmatic TV (PTV) platform via private marketplaces and automated direct deals. Cadreon, the digital marketing services platform of IPG Mediabrands, has beta tested the new product exclusively within their advanced TV platform developed in

If the acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Charter Communications becomes reality, the resulting entity’s customer base–when added to that of Cablevision, DirecTV and DISH Network–will represent “beyond critical mass” for addressable television advertising, according to a top programmatic ad executive. Until then, supply and demand realities surrounding addressable ad inventory will impact its continued

Agency holding group Interpublic Group is recruiting for at least five new Advanced TV positions for its trading desk and tech unit Cadreon. Cadreon, which employs about 500 globally and 300 in the US, attributes the hiring moves to recent advances by networks like NBCUniversal and Fox to automate digital video, display and now linear

A week ago, when Cadreon’s Erica Schmidt spoke at the Interactive Advertising Bureau programmatic event, I was interested in what she had to say on the science behind the Media Rating Council (MRC) viewability standards (available here). The IPG Media Lab partnered with Integral Ad Science and Cadreon to conduct the study, which had the

Rubicon Project, which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, and Cadreon, IPG Mediabrands’ ad tech unit, have announced a global partnership to support Programmatic Direct buying. As the preferred method of transaction shifts to programmatic buying during this year’s Programmatic Upfront, Cadreon will employ Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders platform, the industry’s

Rubicon Project and Cadreon, IPG Mediabrands’ ad tech unit, announced a global partnership to support programmatic direct buying. Cadreon will use Rubicon Project’s Guaranteed Orders platform to power the reservation of direct inventory in desktop, mobile and video channels. In turn, Cadreon will offer brands analysis informed by Rubicon Project’s private marketplace (PMP). Guaranteed Orders,

Trading of online ads using “programmatic” techniques – that is, data-driven or automated – is booming, with eMarketer forecasting the technology will account for 72% of all US digital display dollars by 2017. But programmatic is also changing. What once was just a more efficient way to trade ad inventory is now also taking on