Advertising leaders unite to remove stigma and improve mental health

July 31, 2019 | Share this article

The Mentally Healthy Change Group (MHCG), a collective of leaders in the creative, media and marketing industry, have launched the Heart On My Sleeve storybook to help remove stigma around mental health in the industry.

The results from the Mentally Healthy 2018 study into mental health within the industry revealed that 56% of participants showed signs of depression, 55% anxiety, and 57% stress – all notably higher than the general population.

The book contains stories from industry CEOs and leaders including Pippa Leary, Virginia Hyland, Anthony Gregorio, Mark Lollback, Claire Salvetti, Andrew Little, Charmaine Moldrich, Gai Le Roy, Chris Freel, Mark Coad, David Fox, Grace Liu and Brendon Cook.

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