Science Centre Singapore has appointed IPG Mediabrands as its social media agency partner for its KidSTOP division. The appointment is for a period of two years and will see the agency taking charge of the board’s social media platforms, according to IPG Mediabrands.

The agency will be a service provider to KidSTOP and also play a part in the social media strategy. According to Gebiz, the account is valued at SG$108,008.

The tender also saw 11 other agencies vying for the account, this includes Adred Creation, Adtactics Marketing International, Clickr Media, Grayling Asia, Hakuhodo Singapore, Hashtag Interactive, Iclick Media, Metia, Pinheads Interactive, Rebl and Vintedge.

How will 700 million people at the bottom of the pyramid react to the government’s demonetisation programme? How will it impact products, brands, companies that get a substantial part of their sales from this segment? Will it be temporary or will it be a long term impact? – Questions that most of us are grappling in our minds whilst we look at the challenges that we face individually on the account of demonetisation.

I, for one, wouldn’t hazard a guess or claim to have all the answers or even claim to understand in the completeness the complexities and challenges involved in answering these questions.

Yet I make an attempt to try and see how life can possibly get affected amongst this set of consumers by attempting to get into their shoes, hearing some of their views, challenges faced by them currently and how they are coping by prioritising their purchase choices. By no means is this an exhaustive account capturing the complete reality of this segment but just a peek and my own read of the potential scenario to come.